Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ring Holder DIY

As most of you know, I recently got engaged to my high school sweetheart. My ring is beautiful, but I find myself not wearing it every day. The ring was a family heirloom. It nearly triples me in age. This summer, I've been interning in special events. From painting signs to hauling ice, my internship is not engagement ring friendly.

I saw this on etsy and I knew I had to have one. It is a great way to display your ring when your not wearing it. I was also so excited because I already had all the materials to make it. That never happens.

Not only are these perfect for the engaged or married, but they would make a great gift to a newly wed.

Small Picture Frame (Wallet sized)
Thumb tack
Hot glue gun
Scrap fabric
paint (acrylic or spray paint)

The first thing you need for this is a small picture frame. I've had this one forever. It was waiting on my craft shelf for the perfect moment. I got it on clearance at the Family Dollar several years ago. But, I've seen very similar picture frames in the dollar bin at Michaels.

My picture frame didn't have glass in it. If your's does, remove it. You won't need it for this project.

The frame was gold. So, I started by painting it white. You can use spray paint for this project. I used white glossy acrylic paint. It gave me a rustic look. I only used two coats on this. I really liked how you could see the gold coming up through the white. The brush stroke detailing looked nice as well. If you want a cleaner paint job, you can add more coats or use spray paint.

For the rustic look, after your done painting, take your finger and slightly wipe off some of the white paint to help the gold show through. I focused on the corner accents. This makes the frame look old and worn.

While your frame is drying, cut a piece of scrap fabric about the same size as your picture frame. Iron it to make it flat.

Take your thumb tack and cut off the point. I used a standard pair of scissors to do this. It takes some patience and hand strength, but it will break off. The end will still be a little sharp, but it won't be pointy.

Next, take the thumb tack and poke it through the back half of the fabric so the pointy end is facing up. This is what you will hang your ring on.

Finally, you are going to want to glue your fabric with the tack, onto the cardboard back of the frame with a hot glue gun.

It is tricky. Depending on what type of frame you have, you may have to adjust your process. Unfortunately, I didn't take step by step photos of the process. But, I have another frame. I may make a video tutorial shortly.

If you make one, be sure to send me your photos. :)

Here is the before and after:

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