Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monster Gift Box

Although I was slightly disappointed in the Blue Bunny Froyo, the tub it came in made for a great and simple DIY project. Since she is having a monster themed birthday, I made this as a unique alternative to a gift box. You can really use them for anything that calls for a plastic tub. This would be great for storing art supplies or small toys in a kids room. The project is so easy that a kid could help you decorate it.

First, I cleaned the tub out with soap and water. Depending on what used to be in your tub, it could get sticky or even worse, smelly.
Second, I painted it. I used glossy acrylic paint. You can get it for a buck at any place that sells craft supplies. You can also use spray paint. But, you may want to sand the tub with sand paper or a nail file first. That will help the spray paint adhere to the plastic.
I painted the top of the tub pink too. I left the lime green rim around the lid. I thought it added a cute pop of color. After about seven coats of acrylic paint, it finally covered the packaging. (The acrylic paint took a long time. If you are in a crunch, I recommend spray paint.) 

Lastly, I decorated it with googly eyes and a paper monster mouth. It was simple to say the least. It makes for an adorable, functional gift box that can be personalized for just about any occasion.
If I get to the store before her party, I might even add a birthday ribbon for hair on top of the tub. 

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